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This is a podcast episode titled, Saved by the Bell x Marketing Cloud. The summary for this episode is: <p>What do Marketing Cloud and Saved by the Bell have in common? It turns out, a lot more than you think. In this very special episode of In the Clouds, hosts Bobby and Cole along with special guest Brianne Mullally, do a deep dive on the beloved 90s show Saved by the Bell and what similarities it has to Marketing Cloud. They discuss the Marketing Cloud rebrand, align each Saved by the Bell character to a Marketing Cloud product, and highlight the notable moments and episodes. </p>
✨ Marketing Cloud and Saved by the Bell's Rebrands
01:25 MIN
😎 Saved by the Bell Characters as Marketing Cloud Products
03:18 MIN
👩‍🔧 Tori Scott as Salesforce CDP
01:16 MIN
💁‍♀️ The Kelly Kapowskis of Marketing Cloud
01:24 MIN
⌚ The Impact of Zach's Time Outs
00:50 MIN

Speaker 1: Welcome to the In the Clouds podcast. In the Clouds is a Marketing Cloud podcast powered by Lev, the most influential marketing- focused Salesforce consultancy in the world. Lev is customer experience obsessed and podcast hosts, Bobby Tichy and Cole Fisher have partnered with some of the world's most well- known brands to help them master meaningful one- on- one connections with their customers. In this podcast, they'll combine strategy and deep technical expertise to share best practices, how- tos and real life use cases, solutions for the world's top brands using Salesforce products today.

Bobby: Welcome to the In The Clouds podcast, hosted by Bobby Tichy and Cole Fisher with special guest Brie Mullaly. Maligatani?

Cole: I think the Mul is silent.

Bobby: We are very excited for today's podcast, where we will be talking about Saved By the Bell. So as we were thinking about content for the podcast... Because Cole and I aren't very bright, and so we have really run out of things to talk about on the platform. And we ask customers to come on and they say no. And then we ask other people to come on and they say, what podcast? Or who are you? And so we just typically can't get very far. So we were talking about Saved By The Bell last week and we're like well, there's a lot of correlations between Saved By The Bell and Marketing Cloud. And Doris, who's listening now probably has no idea why there's any correlation here. But that's why we're here, we're going to explain it. And I think the first portion of this is the rebrand. For those of you who don't know Marketing Cloud recently rebranded all of their products so that way they could confuse people even more about the different things that they do. And it's much like how Saved By The Bell was rebranded from Indiana to California. So the first season of Saved By The Bell was based in Indianapolis.

Cole: Yeah. Good Morning Miss Bliss was the name of the show when it first piloted and didn't Disney run it? Was it a Disney show?

Bobby: Yeah. Disney run the first season. Mm- hmm.

Cole: Yeah. And then they just handpicked a couple of characters, dropped them off in Malibu and started the second season no one would notice.

Bobby: Hey, it was the fictional city of Palisades, okay.

Cole: Ah, okay.

Bobby: And then you had the main people come in, which we'll talk about a little bit later. But there were some main characters that weren't in the first season that it's hard to measure that then. So Marketing Cloud Email Studio is now Marketing Cloud Engagement. Pardot is now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. CDP is Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform. Interaction studio is Marketing Cloud Personalization. Email messaging and journeys is now Marketing Cloud Engagement. Advertising Studio is now Marketing Cloud Advertising. Datorama is now Marketing Cloud Intelligent. My Trailhead is now Salesforce Sales Enablement and Salesforce CMS is Digital Experience now. And I hope you wrote that down because you won't be able to find that anywhere on their website.

Cole: Now that they rebranded Trailhead, are they going to rebrand all the trails, the outdoor vibe?

Bobby: At what point do you think Salesforce changes that marketing strategy of the cartoon character, which I love, I'm not behooving it. I'm just saying, people rebrand quite often.

Cole: Well, every time Benioff gets a new dog, it becomes one of the characters. That's too inaudible. That's too close to heart just to rebrand that. inaudible somewhere.

Bri: They just came out with Brandy. They just added a new character, last year I feel like.

Cole: Is that right?

Bri: Yeah. She's Marketing Cloud. The fox.

Bobby: I had no idea.

Bri: Yeah. So they keep adding them.

Cole: Well, if they do want to rebrand, we've got a solid Saved By The Bell lineup that they could consider.

Bobby: Yeah. I think they should just cartoonize each of these characters into what we've outlined here. Cole, you want to run through them?

Cole: Yeah. Well, we'll start with what used to be Exact Target, the classic, the staple of the whole show, right? What's now Marketing Cloud Engagement. And basically serves as the entire backbone to the Marketing Cloud platform.

Bobby: Let me guess. Mr. Carosi.

Cole: Clearly Zach Morris. It's got the blonde wave, the sweet threads. That's just the-

Bri: And the acid washed jeans.

Cole: Yeah. That's the central component to Marketing Cloud. So we had to make Kelly Kapowski, Journey Builder, right? You can't really picture Marketing Cloud now or the exact target without the journey builder feature. It was always Kelly and Zach, Zach and Kelly, right? Even though it came on later, journey builder did, it was such a core theme to what exact target or what email studio and Marketing Cloud was, that one can't really be pictured without the other. That's Kelly and Zach.

Bobby: Apropos because Kelly was not in the first season-

Cole: Exactly.

Bobby: ...of Good Morning Miss Bliss, which then became Saved By The Bell. So it makes sense.

Cole: Yeah, absolutely. So when we get to AC Slater, speaking of acid wash jeans and really those black acid wash and the high waist elastic jeans, the three quarter button up short sleeves, this dude AC Slater was the powerhouse. So everybody remembers biology class when they were in fifth grade and they were like, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Well, AC Slater was the powerhouse of that whole gang of Bayside, right? He is the automation studio. He is what powers all the integrations, all the processes, doing the heavy lifting. That is AC Slater. Hands down automation studio. With Jessie of went back and forth a little bit. This one wasn't quite as upfront. She's-

Bobby: Because nobody likes her.

Cole: Yeah. She's part of the cast, but she's always a source of friction. She's-

Bobby: One of the worst TV characters of all time.

Cole: Bobby, what do you think? Jessie Spano, go.

Bobby: Well, it's tough because there are some parts of the Marketing Cloud platform that are not as good as other parts. So this is-

Cole: That are not stable.

Bobby: There you go. Not as stable, I like that.

Cole: Not as commonplace, like a constant thread of stable reliability.

Bobby: Yeah. So it had to be either mobile studio or cloud pages.

Cole: Yeah. Every once in a while you looked at Jessie Spano and you're like, I don't know, are you on the chopping block? Are you going to be defunct soon? Are they going to place you with an acquisition of some source?

Bobby: And even if you just go back and watch the caffeine pills episode, you want to go your eyes out. While it's funny looking back on it because it's such horrible acting. And now Cole is going to reenact the, I'm so excited portion of that episode.

Cole: I've been looking to hit this note vocally for a while so I've been practicing.

Bri: Maybe we can play it here. Insert clip here.

Bobby: Yeah. There you go.

Cole: That's fantastic.

Speaker 5: Pills. You mean you really are taking drugs? I need them. Jessie give me those. I need them back, I have to sing. Jessie, you can't sing tonight. Yes I can. I'm so excited. I'm so scared Jessie, Jessie.

Cole: Despite all the Jessieisms, that became probably the most quoted Saved By The Bell episode ever, I would imagine.

Bobby: I think so. They spoofed it on family guy, where Stewie plays Jessie Spano.

Cole: Did they? They get hooked on Adderall or something.

Bri: No, caffeine pills.

Bobby: Caffeine pills. And Zach Morris is in the episode.

Bri: I think it was the most impactful as a child watching it because it was a departure from your normal Saved By The Bell episode.

Cole: Brie, did that get you to kick your drug habit at a young age?

Bri: I don't know if I even knew caffeine pills, they even existed.

Cole: Yeah. I certainly didn't at the time. I like it was tackling like an actual issue that-

Bobby: I thought they were actual drugs, yeah. inaudible

Cole: All the nine year olds were like, what's that?

Bri: Yeah. I don't think any teens were watching Saved By The Bell. Maybe I'm wrong.

Cole: I don't know. Apparently we all still do so.

Bri: True.

Cole: All right. So back into the Marketing Cloud correlation. When it comes to Lisa, it's Datorama. And this is a major stretch. Lisa was actually in the original episodes. So you could say oh well, she was connected a long ways back. Well Datorama has been around it's just not been around as a part of Marketing Cloud. BI's always been important to Marketing Cloud, not necessarily a requirement, but it certainly is an enhancement. So that was a smidge of a stretch, admittedly. We had to put Screech as Interaction studio and there's a couple of reasons why this makes a lot of sense and there's a couple of reason why it doesn't. First off, Interaction Studio is really cool. Screech was the staple nerd of the show, so the opposite of cool. But Interaction Studio first off, it's innovation. Remember, Screech did put together Kevin who I think Bobby, your point was that may have been the first ever AI related TV character in TV history.

Bobby: Well, he was definitely ahead of his time in building a robot. So the show ran from, was it 89 to 93 or something like that? Which made me feel really old. I couldn't believe it aired that long ago. But having a robot that actually spoke? I don't know, I think Interaction Studio needs to watch a little bit more Saved By The Bell. inaudible for Kevin.

Cole: Yeah. That was a pretty big deal. But Interaction Studio now is such an integral element to what Marketing Cloud does and how it compliments everything. And if you look at every episode, basically Screech is the one thing where oh, well if he didn't cough it up and get them in trouble, they would never have this giant scheme to get out of. He played off Zach in a very integral part. His friendship with Zach was the oldest but in every episode that they went through, it was the two of them doing something dumb and one of them causing the issue or the plot. Interaction Studio is basically that stitched in now to what Marketing Cloud is. I think Interaction Studio might just be the Kevin of Marketing Cloud. Who knows?

Bobby: I like that.

Bri: That's really deep. It's deep.

Cole: Yeah. That was a thinker. I want you guys to mull that over for a while. Tori Scott. Bobby, your thoughts on Tori Scott.

Bobby: Only person that might hate more than Jessie Spano is Tori Scott. For those of you who don't remember, Tori Scott came in in the fourth season as a potential to love interest for Zach Morris, she wore the leather jacket. And it didn't go well. From my sources on the staff there Saved By The Bell, they didn't have much chemistry and it just didn't work out. But that didn't stop them from keeping her on the show. And so it makes it a perfect correlation for CDP from Salesforce, which was a feature that was probably launched a little bit too early. Now we love CDP for what it is, it's a great segmentation tool, can be a great way to bring different data sources together before you start leveraging other pieces of the Salesforce platform. But there are so many other different CDP's out there that have additional components or that are just more mature. Salesforce CDP's only what, a year old at this point. You've got other CDP's that are out there that are much older, much more mature.

Cole: And so what you're saying is, there's a lot of more mature high school biker gang members than Tori Scott that they have to choose from.

Bobby: Exactly. Now the other characters we didn't go into, which I don't know that we should go through all these because some of these I don't even remember. But I did mention Mr Carosi earlier. And Stacey Carosi holds a special place in my heart because it's Leah Remini, which King of Queens is one of my favorite shows. And then we have The Max, which, always great. My favorite person on this list probably is Mr. Belding.

Cole: For sure. And he was also original too. He was the principal in Indiana on Good Morning Miss Bliss.

Bobby: Oh, I didn't know that.

Cole: Yeah, he was the original-

Bri: He made the move.

Cole: Yeah. So I think the only characters that made the move... There may have been some other side characters, but I think it was just Zach, Screech, Lisa and Mr. Belding.

Bri: Yeah. That's right.

Bobby: So is Miss Bliss the CoTweet of Saved By The Bell? For those who don't remember, Exact Target purchased CoTweet, I think it was back in 2011 maybe. And it did not live on for very long.

Cole: Yeah. I was on CoTweet as soon as they got there. Because CoTweet was were based in San Fran when Exact target acquired them. Remember hopping on and being like, this is going to be big. And then just turned out to be the Miss Bliss. It's good for a season.

Bobby: And I was reading yesterday. I don't remember the guy's name, but he was one of the main characters in addition to Zach on Good Morning Miss Bliss. He didn't make the move either and now he's... Mikey, yeah. He tried to become a professional hockey player and now I guess he's this internationally known hockey ref.

Cole: Really?

Bobby: Yeah.

Cole: Oh. Well I got to do some looking on this guy. See where he played.

Bobby: So those are some other side characters. Anybody else you guys want to mention?

Bri: I think Violet Bickerstaff needs some mentioning because-

Bobby: Oh, Tori Spelling. Sure.

Bri: Yeah. I feel like that was the role she was meant to play. That was her true self.

Bobby: We talk about Apex Mountain, that was her Apex Mountain. That was the tops of her acting career. I can't even think of... Wait, was she in 90210? Yeah.

Cole: Yeah, nobody cared about that show. It's all on SBTV. I like how they could just put somebody's hair in pigtails and put glasses on and they're like, oh she's such an unattractive nerd. It was like, actually, isn't that a model?

Bri: Oh yeah, that's classic nineties nerd.

Bobby: Sounds like we know who Cole's teenage crush was. Violet Bickerstaff.

Cole: I was on the Kelly Kapowski bandwagon for sure.

Bri: Yeah. But also I thought it was nice that Screech could find love because he loved Lisa so much. Lisa did not want anything to do with him. So there was Violet.

Cole: In real life, you got to think some of these characters, the way the themes constantly break down. If Screech got shot down that many times by Lisa, does at some point he just become a stalker? He's jumping out of cakes and showing up in random places, hiding in her locker. This is pretty unacceptable. But then you compare that to Zach Morris, who was just a straight up sociopath. And the most heinously, self- driven human being on the entire show. And everybody's like oh, but he's still our friend. These are all pretty wildly in front... I would never keep somebody around as a friend that stiffed us that many times.

Bobby: I don't know Cole. I'm just thinking about our relationship with Nick and I'm pretty sure this is how we treat him.

Cole: Well. Yeah, but that's different somehow.

Bobby: So notable thoughts. We talked a little bit about some of these things already and this is all Saved By The Bell related. So if you're looking for some Marketing Cloud content, we'll sprinkle in a few things here and there. But really this is for the Saved By The Bell super fans, which my mother- in- law Doris, biggest Saved By The Bell fan I've ever met.

Cole: Which our listener is, so that's good.

Bobby: Yeah, exactly. Saved By The Bell started as a show with Miss Bliss, was Good Morning Miss Bliss, started on Disney. Didn't do well the first year so they canceled it then NBC picked it up and moved it to California. A little bit similar to how Exact Target was around. But it was doing really well and it wasn't canceled or anything like that. Exact Target was thriving and then Salesforce bought it for two and a half billion.

Cole: Does that make Valley the Adobe? The rival high school?

Bobby: I think so. I think it's got to be the... Because that's the biggest rival to Salesforce Marketing Cloud right now. Oracle's not really around much anymore. I don't know, Braze is going up there too though. Iterable. Braze probably isn't big enough yet though. The series started in Indianapolis, much like Exact Target, headquartered Indianapolis. I was curious, do you think any of the Saved By The Bell cast members ever actually went to Indie? Do you think they've ever... No, they've never been there. Maybe they heard the Exact Target was founded there and they wanted to go check it out.

Cole: They were like, there's going to be podcast correlating these two one day, we should go check it out for sure. Yeah. I imagine they all said that.

Bri: The Saved By The Bell reality tour starts in Indianapolis and then.

Bobby: Like the Peterman reality tour from Seinfeld.

Cole: What are the tops to these muffins.

Bobby: Kelly Kapowski, we mentioned earlier, not part of the original cast, joined in season two. So that made us think about some of the acquisitions that Marketing Cloud made, which we talked about CoTweet. I always forget that Pardot was acquired by Exact Target before Salesforce. And then IGoDigital, also an Exact Target acquisition, another company based in Indianapolis. And then Salesforce has subsequently bought Datorama and Interactions too, that's part of Marketing Cloud. But you could all say these are the Kelly Kapowskis of Marketing Cloud. Well, maybe not CoTweet, but all the rest of them are still in the platform.

Cole: IGoDigital had a guided selling feature too that they did away with that was... So they had the recommendations, they had the abandonment triggers and things like that. They also had on the other side, guided selling, which was the, are you inaudible this, surveying and dropping you through a path to the site. Would that be like Kelly's sister then, that had a crush on Zach for a brief episode and then was gone?

Bobby: Oh, her little sister?

Cole: Yeah. The teen line episode.

Bobby: Oh, that's right.

Cole: I feel like she was the guided selling.

Bobby: Man. Cole's next level.

Bri: Really. Teen line.

Bobby: So Good Morning Miss Bliss was just one season and then Saved By The Bell had four seasons and then one season of College Years. And then they had the one off specials of Hawaiian Style and Wedding in Las Vegas. And Hawaiian Style and wedding in Las Vegas, not the best work of the Saved By The Bell franchise, but still content, right? So that got us thinking about the most infamous blunder of Marketing Cloud. And it's still in use today, but I don't know that I've worked with any client that uses it, which would be Social Studio. Sprinkler and inaudible

Cole: I think Buddy Media and Radiant Six, those were pretty relevant tools when they were around. I think it's just the social space is just hard to play in now. And the cost of the tools can be so cheap elsewhere that Social Studio's hard to put on the plate next to all these other products at all these other price tags for Marketing Cloud. I don't know, maybe College Years was the Social Studio and the Hawaiian Style was the Audience Builder.

Bobby: Oh, that's a good one. Yep. Because Audience Builder, now defunct or will be soon. And Hawaiian style was not...

Cole: Hawaiian Style was problematic, to say the least.

Bri: Wait, wait. So was Wedding in Las Vegas when Jessie's dad got married and they all went to the wedding or was that Hawaiian Style?

Cole: That was Hawaii.

Bobby: Hawaiian Style.

Bri: Oh yeah. Okay.

Cole: I don't know. I don't pay attention to these things. It's like, whatever. I'm too cool, guys.

Bri: I think I remember, I'm not sure.

Cole: It is like old me growing up, whatev.

Bobby: So moving on to some other notable highlights, we've got favorite cast member and least favorite cast member, which I feel like we've covered that. Favorites, Zach Morris, Mr. Belding, Kevin, Screech's robot. Least favorite, Jessie Spano and Lisa are my top two. Well, Jeff is pretty bad too. The Max manager.

Cole: Yeah. And then talk about things that are wildly unacceptable today, not just the fact that Slater bullied every human being on that show or that Screech was a full blown stalker. But Jeff being that old. And Brie, I know this really pulled at your heartstrings, the fact that he was in a position of power as a manager, was clearly college age or older and was dating a high school kid.

Bri: Oh yeah. And then I remember there was one line where he was like she couldn't take the... She needed money to buy a prom dress, I think that was why she was working at The Max. And then she said, I can't take time off. And he's like, I'm your boss, you can take the day off. Totally abusing his power. He was bad news. Did not like Jeff. He's creepy.

Bobby: Not good Jeff. I wonder if he's had any acting career after this.

Bri: Yeah, actually I did look him up. His name's Patrick Maldoon. I think he's pretty... He's a working actor,

Bobby: Not after this podcast.

Bri: Oh, really enough ruin in his career.

Bobby: Yeah. We got Jeff.

Bri: Jeff.

Bobby: I still think underrated cast member Screech... I think about Screech the way I think about Automation Studio, underrated. You need it. I know we did Automation Studio with Slater earlier, but I feel like it's a little bit Screech too.

Cole: So I finally figured out what his name was. One of my favorite side characters was the guy who played... His name was James. He worked at The Max. He was an actor who was in between jobs or something like that and Zach recruits him in the ski trip episode to play his dad in the meeting where Mr. Belding meets Zach's dad and then he gets the same character to play Mr. Belding when he meets Zach's actual dad. He also played the Harvard recruiter when Stansberry was trying to reject Jessie Spano. A real goofy, really over- actor. His name was James. I got to put him as one of my underrated, favorite, side, barely mentionable characters.

Bri: Yeah. My favorite part is that they really just created adults because they needed an adult. So they're like ooh, let's just create this guy.

Cole: Yeah. The guy was basically the equivalent of, he's doing all this dressing up and he's getting nothing out of it, they're not paying him. It's basically that creepy old man that buys underage kids beer. It's you're like, why are you doing this shit? This isn't okay. We're not allowed to hang out. That doesn't make you cool.

Bri: Maybe I can approach an adult to do these kind of high jinks for me, that's what I was thinking.

Bobby: I love how we take the lesson in that, in a completely opposite direction than the caffeine pills. Caffeine pills is like oh yeah, don't do drugs. This one was like, maybe I could get one of my friends to act like the principal and go talk to my parents.

Cole: I could hoodwink some folks.

Bobby: Yeah. I could definitely see Cole doing that.

Cole: Oh for sure.

Bobby: Brie, what was your favorite show feature looking back.

Bri: Well, I really like how they did take a stand on hard hitting issues. There was a drug episode. There was a couple... Well no, maybe-

Cole: Johnny Dakota.

Bobby: Yep. Johnny Dakota.

Bri: Oh the actor? Yeah. So that was a big deal. So that was like the commercial they were filming and he was the famous actor that Kelly liked and they were at a party and then he did do drugs and she could not believe her eyes. And then they decided to film their own commercial and they were like, stupid. Didn't they just say one... Dumb. Yeah, they all just inaudible

Cole: Would I do dope? Nope.

Speaker 5: Dumb. Stupid. Crazy. Dangerous. Stinks. In one word, would I use dope? Nope. These kids are right. Drugs will hurt your mind, your body and your life. Hi. I'm Brandon Tartikoff, chairman of NBC Entertainment. And I've got a hit idea for the new fall season. Don't do drugs. There's no hope with dope.

Cole: I feel like they aired that drunk driving... Remember where everybody has one beer except for Screech and Zach drives them home and they get into a car accident at a house party. I feel like they aired that one less or they would skip it or something because it was-

Bobby: I haven't seen that one. Yeah.

Cole: Yeah. I felt like they just played it a lot less because it was probably highly controversial at the time.

Bobby: Well the one that got me was the oil spill episode where Zach's all concerned about the duck Becky. And then they're like, Becky's dead Zach. It's like, oh man, this is horrible.

Cole: Thanks a lot, CalStar Oil.

Bri: Yeah. That was a big hard- hitting issue back in the nineties, remember. Oil spills, drugs and alcohol. That's it, that's what we were facing as young middle schoolers.

Bobby: I don't know where you guys grew up, I didn't face any of that stuff.

Cole: You know one of my favorite features though, of the whole show, the Saved By The Bell show was the way Zach could break the fourth wall. When he would just call timeout and everybody freezes and then he just directly addresses the camera and then usually shuffles something around or slips a piece of paper between two people that are about to kiss or something like that. That was always my favorite because it was like oh, Zach's talking directly to me now? This is so cool. I wish I could just call timeout in real life.

Bobby: I wish you'd be able to call time out with technology. I've had a couple of mishaps in my career where I would've loved to have called time out.

Bri: I feel like that was visionary of Saved By The Bell. That was maybe the only visionary thing that they did.

Bobby: Well, they stole it from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Bri: Yeah. Good point. Yes.

Bobby: And then my favorite thing is the cell phone. I wish I could go back to having that big block for a cell phone.

Cole: I'm sure this exists somewhere out there, but I've legitimately wanted to find a Zach Morris style cell phone holder that you just pop your iPhone into.

Bobby: Oh, that'd be cool.

Cole: And so you can walk around town with this in your pocket, actually still touch pad it, but hold it up when you're on the actual phone.

Bri: I feel like that was a very big flex of Zach also.

Cole: Oh, that was a power move for sure.

Bri: Yeah. Nobody had cell phone. He was the only one in the school that had one.

Bobby: Which didn't make a lot of sense because... Wasn't Lisa wealthy as well? Shouldn't she have been able to have a cell phone? She just wasn't cool enough.

Bri: I guess.

Cole: I think they just didn't accessorize cell phones back then. She was too fashionable for that.

Bobby: Oh, that's true. A couple worst show features. We talked about Jessie's caffeine pill episode. Another one for me is the laugh track. The laugh track's pretty horrible if you go back and watch it.

Bri: Yeah. Also the whole, ah when they would do something like sweet, like one of them would kiss. I didn't like that at all.

Bobby: Yeah. I still do that with my wife whenever we kiss. I go to the side and go, ah.

Cole: He has me dial and go ah.

Bobby: Underrated show features. The nineties themed clothes, which is all coming back now, according to my 13 year old niece.

Cole: Those are really rad. Actually you can go to a restaurant in Chicago that is entirely The Max. It's actually The Max, the floor plan's the same-

Bobby: Oh, that's right. You were telling us about this. Yeah.

Cole: ...and it's all the nineties theme, that's got to become really popular now. I don't know, there's something about just the colors, the style that was so goofy and loud at the time. All fluorescence, I think of just snap bracelets and slouch socks, all fluorescent colors, everything, that just came storming back.

Bobby: It'd be great too if all the waiters and waitresses were all names of the characters.

Bri: Yeah. Maybe this is something we should pitch to them.

Cole: Basically, if you're at Connections in Chicago, you need to go check out The Max.

Bobby: Yeah. That's a great idea. What's the worst. We talked about Kelly dating the Max manager Jeff who, Kelly was a minor, not good. And then how did Zach never get expelled? You were saying earlier Cole.

Cole: Yeah, no kidding. Some of the stuff they just laugh off and at the end of the episode, they're like oh, we all became closer, we all forgive each other, we're just buddies, group hug. No, no. Some of these things were actually heinous. You should absolutely not be in school anymore. You should be in a juvenile detention center for what you're doing.

Bri: Oh yeah. And also I feel like he just barged into Mr. Belding's office all the time. That's just unrealistic.

Bobby: Which I hate to say this, to continue to throw CoTweeet under the bus, but I think CoTweeet and Social Studio easily have aged the worst of anything related to Marketing Cloud.

Cole: Things that age the best. I got to say probably Belding's laugh. That high pitched cackle.

Bobby: I bet you can do it. Let's hear it.

Cole: Oh, I don't know if I could. I wouldn't do it justice. But it's just that little cackle was like such a staple. And all his old dad jokes and stuff like that. Belding was a riot

Bobby: Buddy bands also. Not great, where they did that commercial and Slater says at the end, and they work. And then he does this thumbs out points to Kelly and Jessie.

Bri: Wearing secret bra tops.

Bobby: Again, not aging.

Bri: No. Nope.

Cole: Note to self, return my buddy bands. Geez.

Bobby: So in conclusion, I think we've realized that Saved By The Bell and Marketing Cloud have a lot more in common than we thought.

Cole: Without Saved By The Bell,, would Marketing Cloud be here and vice versa? These are a deep questions guys.

Bobby: I think the next version of this should probably be Boy Meet's World.

Cole: Definitely.

Bobby: Moving on to completely unrelated. I told Cole the other day that I used to wear headgear. So I think the way we should do this is best orthodontics you've ever had.

Bri: You mean best by worth?

Bobby: Yes.

Cole: Best at getting them off. inaudible All three of us had braces.

Bobby: Best orthodontics is probably an oxymoron.

Bri: Yeah. Yes.

Bobby: Every time you'd go in and they'd tighten your braces. It was awful.

Bri: It was the worst. Al right, I'll start. So I had braces for two years, probably during the same time I was watching Saved By The Bell so this is appropriate. And you know how you used to have rubber bands that would attach the top and the bottom teeth? They installed permanent rubber bands, they called them jumper cables, that were in my mouth.

Cole: That sounds safe.

Bri: Yeah.

Bobby: Did you attach them to the plus and minus sides of your mouth?

Bri: I guess, and I-

Cole: You got to make sure the car's running first.

Bri: I don't know if these were experimental, I was the first to do this, but they were very aggressive. And one time I was at school and I had a big yawn and it just popped and it was just hanging out of my mouth, just one side of it, so I had to go to an emergency orthodontist appointment. And then I think they just took him out altogether.

Bobby: I'm picturing, it looks almost like a hydraulic rubber band.

Bri: I think they might have had... There were just really thick wires but they coated them almost in a rubber. So they were little tubes almost. It was insane. And when I closed my mouth, you could see them sticking out of my skin.

Bobby: Did you get the bad sores on the side of your mouth where you'd have to put wax on them to make sure they didn't rub?

Bri: I don't know about the jumper cables, but I know I did for the other braces. Maybe my mouth was just so used to it by that point.

Bobby: I love that they called them jumper cables.

Bri: Yeah. Yeah. It was goo.

Bobby: Cole how about you?

Cole: ZWax was the wax I was supposed to put in there. I always got a bunch of that but I never used it. And I had wrestling and so my lips would just shred open all the time. I'm like well, wax isn't going to stop this. That was awful. Braces really are just-

Bobby: Oh, terrible.

Cole: ...odd having that metal gear in your mouth all the time. So I had these, they're almost like a hydraulic set where it was like a piston, sliding in and down like a piston tube that wouldn't allow your jaw to move side to side. And similar thing, I would yawn but they would just come partway undone and get stuck. And they were just terrible. And so I had them on for a couple weeks. I can't chew, my mouth can only go up and down, it can't go side to side, I can't grind any food with my molars. It was like, this is just awful. But I think my favorite part though about braces if I got to get nerdy, is picking out colors. I would pick out colors for... I'd go red and pink for Valentine's day or I'd go green and orange on St. Patty's. Oh, I was always color themed. Except my school was blue and white and then you didn't realize how not white your teeth were until you had these stark white rings on every other tooth. And it was like, oh my gosh, this is embarrassing. inaudible

Bobby: Everybody else covers their mouth, doesn't want to talk a lot when they got braces. Cole's walking around like it's lit, fat like this.

Cole: Hey guys, look it's a theme. Merry Christmas. Red and green. I would. I remember Thanksgiving I had orange, yellow and brown because I was just trying to negotiate with the orthodontist like, can I get three? Give me a third color, I want to go 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. I always got to go, I want to try this out.

Bri: I love that you decorated your mouth for Thanksgiving. That's adorable.

Cole: I love a good theme.

Bobby: Speaking of which, one of the worst things about having braces was eating any kind of bread. Oh, corn was bad. I refused to eat corn on the cob. I would cut it off.

Cole: Oh, I love it too much.

Bobby: And then my mine was definitely the headgear. I didn't have to wear it all the time, I wore it at night. But also that, that's really what prepared me for my Lou Holtz impression later in life, was having that thing. Hey man, can I have wire before I say please.

Cole: So if we have to sum this whole podcast up, Bobby's Friday nights were tossing extra cheese on Aldi's pizza watching Saved By The Bell in his basement, wearing his headgear. Mom, where are the inaudible Where are the inaudible mom?

Bri: Yeah. I am envisioning his perfect night. Well, you can't forget all of the pepperoni too. And then he's just settling in for a night of Saved By The Bell.

Cole: Do you think all the cool kids are doing this tonight? My life is the best. Hey it's Saved By The Bell.

Bobby: I miss those days. Well, if you're still hanging on listening to this, bless you. And if you have any content recommendations, because Lord knows we need them, send them to intheclouds @ webdigital. com. Brie, thanks for coming on.

Bri: Thank you for having me.

Bobby: Talking Saved By The Bell. Cole, as always, it's been a pleasure.


What do Marketing Cloud and Saved by the Bell have in common? It turns out, a lot more than you think. In this very special episode of In the Clouds, hosts Bobby and Cole along with special guest Brianne Mullally, do a deep dive on the beloved 90s show Saved by the Bell and what similarities it has to Marketing Cloud. They discuss the Marketing Cloud rebrand, align each Saved by the Bell character to a Marketing Cloud product, and highlight the notable moments and episodes.