The Best of Completely Unrelated 2021

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This is a podcast episode titled, The Best of Completely Unrelated 2021. The summary for this episode is: <p>The best of Completely Unrelated is back for the second year in a row! We have put together a compilation of the best moments from the "Completely Unrelated" segment (the portion of the podcast where hosts Bobby and Cole talk about things that are ... completely unrelated). Highlights include: </p><p><br></p><ul><li>What band you would love to see? (<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Episode: Customer Spotlight: How WEX uses Marketing Cloud for Brand Scalability</a>)</li><li>Who's your famous best friend? (<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Episode: Innovation Series: What's Possible in Marketing Cloud?</a>)</li><li>Who's your favorite sitcom character? (<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Episode: Cognitive Marketing Series: Paradox of Choice</a>)</li><li>What are the worst colloquialisms? (<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Episode: Marketing Cloud: June 2021 Release Updates</a>)</li></ul>
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Speaker 1: Welcome to the In The Clouds podcast. In The Clouds as a marketing cloud podcast, powered by Lev, the most influential marketing- focused Salesforce consultancy in the world. Lev is customer experience obsessed and podcast hosts Bobby Tichy and Cole Fisher have partnered with some of the world's most well- known brands to help them master meaningful one- on- one connections with their customers. In this podcast, they'll combine strategy and deep technical expertise to share best practices, how- tos, and real- life use cases and solutions or the world's top brands using Salesforce products today.

Bobby Tichy: Welcome to The Big Show.

Cole Fisher: I think we got copyright infringement on that.

Bobby Tichy: Well, I don't know. We'll see. We'll see if anybody listens. Do you remember that though from when Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann used to do SportsCenter in the 90s and they used to call it The Big Show as a joke-

Cole Fisher: Oh, no.

Bobby Tichy: ...because it would irritate their bosses?

Cole Fisher: I don't remember that.

Bobby Tichy: They would do the Sunday night SportsCenter, which growing up was like you can't can't miss SportsCenter when it comes on because they was no internet, for all you young kids out there. Boy, we sound old. Well, I sound old. But they had no idea how popular the show was and so they would start every show with," Welcome to The Big Show," just as a joke, and apparently it got everybody at ESPN really mad that they did that because, obviously, they had a huge audience and the show was doing unbelievably, which I imagine is how we're doing. We don't know how many people are listening to this, but I just assume it's tens of millions of people.

Cole Fisher: And we make everybody at our company mad. So it-

Bobby Tichy: Exactly.

Cole Fisher:

Bobby Tichy: The amount of jealousy and just rude notes that we get for hosting this podcast, you guys wouldn't believe it. On that note, our listenership, we got some metrics back from some pretty smart people and, from what we understand, we're off the charts.

Cole Fisher: One of my favorite reviews was," We really appreciate that you guys don't show your faces on videocast," so I took that as a positive.

Bobby Tichy: Oh, I thought that was a great thing. You got to take the positive in everything. The other thing I really liked was," I really like your dead air."

Cole Fisher: Like that right there?

Bobby Tichy: Yep. The review was that those are the best parts of the podcast. Let's do a couple more. One more?

Cole Fisher: Those would probably make our highlights.

Bobby Tichy: I think so. So we did this last year where we did the best of the completely unrelated for the past year, and last year we actually knew what the clips were ahead of time. This year, we don't know what they are. Our fantastic producer, Brie, is going to just pick them, so we don't know what they are. They could be good. They could be bad. I think at best they're probably mediocre based on... I mean, we did all of them, so they can't be that great.

Cole Fisher: Probably a lot of dead air if we're lucky.

Bobby Tichy: Yeah. Let's do one more. Boy, that's good stuff. Look out, Joe Rogan. We're coming for that top spot. What are some other big podcasts? Bill Simmons, we're coming after you.

Cole Fisher: I never really got real popular podcasts. I never really listen to the really popular ones. I always just search for really niche stuff.

Bobby Tichy: What's the NPR one that's really popular? Oh, man. I got to look this up. It's not even in the top 10. All right, let's look here. SmartLess with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett. We're coming after them.

Cole Fisher: Now that I'm not in airports anymore, I never listen to podcasts. Well, not crosstalk.

Bobby Tichy: No?

Cole Fisher: No. I used to listen to a lot of them when I was just in airports. crosstalk.

Bobby Tichy: This American Life, that's what I was thinking of. Have you ever listened to This American Life?

Cole Fisher: Uh-uh( negative).

Bobby Tichy: Oh, it's great. It's just these individual stories that people report on. They always have a theme to them, but there's not... The podcast itself doesn't have a ongoing theme, so they're new individual stories. Sometimes each podcast has a couple stories in it. They're fun.

Cole Fisher: Oh, that's interesting.

Bobby Tichy: So anyway, we hope you guys enjoy the best of Completely Unrelated. Hope you guys have all had a great 2021 and we'll catch you on the flip side. So today, we had," If you could see one band or artist live, current or in the past, so historically, it could be anybody, who would it be?" So Chad, I'll let you start.

Chad: That's a load question. Without giving some mind- blowing answer, I got to go with Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder, from what I can tell... I've never seen him... puts his heart into his music and I spent countless hours playing air guitar to that Alive guitar solo all through high school. And so, I feel like I would lose my mind and just melt in place if I got the opportunity to see those guys perform live.

Bobby Tichy: Did you ever see them perform live?

Chad: I did not, no. It's funny, I never was a big concert goer. I don't know. I think part of me is just its I love music and it's always on in my house, but they're just a pain in the ass. Can I say that? Just-

Bobby Tichy: Yeah.

Chad: To see somebody like Pearl Jam would be... For us, we'd have to go to like Gillette Stadium and, I don't know, I have no patience for sitting in a traffic queue an hour and a half to get a parking spot, so no. I love live music, but I've been mostly enjoying up here in Maine the little LLBean concerts in the park where my kids and I can go and just relax and I don't have to deal with all the shenanigans. So that's the long and short of it, but...

Bobby Tichy: So quick sidebar, you're obviously in the Boston area, are you a Patriots fan?

Chad: I'm not. No, I'm not. I moved to California after college and I became a very passionate Chargers fan because the first place where we lived was right near Qualcomm Stadium. Being in a different AFC division, but you spend that long hating Bill Belichick and Tom Brady that I came back and all my friends here, I wanted... I own a Patriots hat. I own a Patriots shirt, but it feels weird putting it back on. So, I don't know. I'm a man without a team right now, honestly. With Chargers moved to LA and I'm trying hard to get into the Pats, but I can't say I'm a huge fan yet, so we'll see.

Bobby Tichy: Awesome. Tom, how about you?

Tom: I would say I'm a Tom Brady fan, although it's hard to get used to the Buccaneers hat.

Bobby Tichy: Oh, me too.

Tom: I don't know, man.

Bobby Tichy: We should have a whole new podcast just about-

Tom: He's a GOAT.

Bobby Tichy: ...Tom.

Tom: He's the best. I'll defend him until the day I die. And I would say, Chad, I'm the opposite-

Bobby Tichy: Cole's having a coronary right now because he lives and dies by Peyton Manning.

Cole Fisher: I'm going to skip out on the Tom Brady podcast, you guys.

Tom: I would say, from a music standpoint, I'm the opposite, Chad. I go to live music. I probably go to about 20 concerts a year. I just love it. And I have an 18- year- old son now, so I've got a partner in crime, which is a blast. I actually did see Eddie Vedder and it was funny. The audience, for some reason there was a kid in the audience that was throwing quarters at Eddie Vedder and he literally stopped in the middle of the concert and threatened to leave if people didn't start throwing quarters. It was just a really funky moment, but it was incredible, Chad. You should definitely go if you can. I bought tickets actually on hope that this band is actually going to be able to make it in July and things aren't going to be shut down. It's a band called Blackberry Smoke and you should check them out. They're a mix between say Tom Petty and Southern Fried Rock. It's such a really interesting band. I absolutely love them.

Cole Fisher: That sounds cool.

Tom: Yeah.

Cole Fisher: It is something like that.

Bobby Tichy: I'm looking at them right now. The front man has a Tom Petty vibe to him.

Tom: It's really good stuff, really good stuff.

Chad: Does that mean he has long blond hair and wears a hat? Because when I think of Tom Petty, that's what I see.

Tom: He's got long black hair or brown hair.

Chad: All right. Cool. Very cool.

Bobby Tichy: Cole, how about you?

Cole Fisher: Because it's a loaded question and being historically like anything, so I'm trying to avoid the cliche like saying Beatles or everybody will want to see Led Zeppelin or Backstreet Boys live, right? Am I right? I don't know. I've always had a weird thing for doo- wop. It'd be something to see like Dion& The Belmonts live, but I think if I had saw... I guess I would go cliche with it just if I saw one single most politically and musically influential figure, I'd probably want to see Bob Marley live.

Tom: Ooh, yeah. I would love to see that too.

Cole Fisher: That would be wild. Plus, he was just such a high energy little guy. I would love to have seen that. So yeah, I would probably have to go with Bob, but there's a lot of good... I mean, Queen. It's hard to note that one down, but I'd go with Bob Marley. What about you?

Chad: That's a feel good answer, Cole. I like it. Especially these days, his message reigns true, man.

Cole Fisher: Yeah. Positive vibes, right?

Chad: Cool. Very cool.

Cole Fisher: Bobby, what about you? And you can't say Backstreet Boys. I've already mentioned that.

Bobby Tichy: I know that that was going to be one of them, for sure. I have the musical taste of a 14- year- old girl and so-

Cole Fisher: Taylor Swift.

Bobby Tichy: I just said this to my wife two days ago. I said," As soon as the pandemic is over and we can start going to concerts again, I want to go see Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers."

Tom: Wow!

Bobby Tichy: And so, all of your historical great music requests are great, but when I need a little pick me up or if I just want to have a little jam session in the car, it's one of those two. I never said that my musical tastes were good, but it would be one of those two, for sure.

Chad: I was going to say, did you end the podcast already or is this being recorded? On that note...

Bobby Tichy: As the ending of each of our podcasts, we have a Completely Unrelated and today's is, who's your famous best friend? What I mean by that is who is someone that is either... Well, I guess they don't really have to be a celebrity, but someone who you think you'd like to have as your best friend or, in your mind, they're your best friend, they just don't know yet.

Cole Fisher: Bobby stalks a lot of celebs, so his list is long and distinguished.

Male: All right. Well yeah, do you guys want me to go first?

Cole Fisher: Yeah.

Male: Yeah. Go for it. All right. So, that's an interesting question. I'm going to pick somebody that I probably would have a lot in common with, so I'm going to go with a comedian, so Mike Birbiglia. I feel like he and I would get along really well because he usually has lot of awkward encounters and awkward stories and I feel like I can relate to that. I feel like I have that a lot. So, I find myself in awkward situations or saying the wrong thing. So that would-

Bobby Tichy: Are you awkward?

Male: Apparently, or I also just think that I'm hilarious. I'm probably about half as funny as I think I am and so we'd probably get along in that area at least.

Bobby Tichy: I'm pretty sure just about every guy thinks they're hilarious. I think every guy thinks they're hilarious and also thinks that they could fight like if it came down to it and there was a rumble be like," I'd be okay."

Male: Oh yeah, for sure. Totally.

Bobby Tichy: Cole, what about you?

Cole Fisher: Bobby strikes me as the type of guy who walks into a room who's like," I'm funnier than anyone in this room and I can beat them all up, so I got that going for me."

Bobby Tichy: Only when I walk into an empty room.

Cole Fisher: My celebrity best friend, I guess the first one that popped out to me... and if you're a local Indy, you'll probably appreciate it more... would be Peyton Manning. I don't know. I just think he's a huge goofball. I've heard stories. Apparently, he's a pretty fun guy off the field, but I think retired Peyton Manning probably has to be... I just imagine meld all of the funny one- liners and personality you see in all of the commercials that he's still in and I just imagine that's what it's like hanging out with him. So yeah, that's probably my go to.

Bobby Tichy: Have you seen Peyton's Places?

Cole Fisher: I've not. I've seen the ads for it, but-

Bobby Tichy: It's pretty good.

Cole Fisher: It'd be cool to hang out with him and hang out with somebody who has a bigger forehead than me. So, I'd rival him though. I would rival that.

Bobby Tichy: I'd love to see the ruler come out. I think mine would have to be... There's this world famous podcast host. His name's Cole Fisher and I think he and I would get along pretty well.

Cole Fisher: I heard that guy's a chump.

Bobby Tichy: He seems to have a pretty good sense of humor. What's that?

Cole Fisher: Said I heard that guy's a chump. No talent.

Bobby Tichy: I would actually go with another comedian as well, Nate Bargatze, who I think he actually has another Netflix special coming out soon, but just very... my favorite kind of humor, just very low- key, just really funny situations. He seems like he'd be a fun guy to hang out with. I've heard a few interviews of him as well and I don't know if he would be able to beat everybody up and be funnier than everybody the way I am, but I think he'd be fun to hang out with.

Cole Fisher: Well, you could take him.

Bobby Tichy: Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

Cole Fisher: That's a benefit too. That's just good friend chemistry right there.

Bobby Tichy: Maybe if he and I became friends, I could beat his muscle.

Cole Fisher: There you go. You could be his bouncer.

Bobby Tichy: Oh." Hey Nate, you need a flabby, unskilled fighter as your muscle?" So shifting to Completely Unrelated, thinking about your favorite sitcoms, do you have a all time favorite sitcom character?

Cole Fisher: Ooh, that's a tough one. I feel like you already have one teed up.

Bobby Tichy: I really don't because I think it's just any time someone asks you," What's your favorite this?" I always think of five or ten things. It's really hard to narrow it down to one. I would immediately think of Kramer and George from Seinfeld. I would immediately think of Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development.

Cole Fisher: I feel like if I do go with those types of characters, I think to your point, they're not main characters. They're off the beaten path a little bit and there's some oddity to them that makes them that nostalgic. I was going to say Kramer's one of the ones that stands out to me as well, not because you can necessarily relate to him, not because there's some inherent qualities that are so admired or... It's just because he's so weird and funny and quirky. It's something like that that makes it so odd that it stands out.

Bobby Tichy: It's almost like the character actors where it's hard for them to break out of that. Like you could never see Michael Richards in anything else and not think of Kramer. Same thing with Jason Alexander and George Costanza.

Cole Fisher: They're almost typecast because it was such good fit.

Bobby Tichy: Which is really cool and really sad at the same time. It stinks that Jason Alexander hasn't really had a whole... as big of a role as he had in Seinfeld since Seinfeld but, at the same time, he doesn't because he had so much success on Seinfeld. So it's this weird dichotomy, but a couple other ones I think of are Sam Malone from Cheers. Basically, every character in Golden Girls.

Cole Fisher: I knew you were going to say Golden Girls.

Bobby Tichy: I'm trying to think of something that's more recent, so that way we don't totally sound like we only watch TV from the 80s and 90s. Well, I was going to say inaudible, but that's not... That was still late 90s, early 2000s.

Cole Fisher: Yeah. That's still not recent, but-

Bobby Tichy: Oh golly.

Cole Fisher: They did a good job, I tell you. They did a good job on characters. I wouldn't necessarily put him in my top, but in The Office, Kevin Malone has probably the ratio of funny lines to actual overall lines. Most of the things he says are just one- off in the background, but they're very funny and they're very fitting to just his character. There's usually a fat or dumb joke in there for him, but he doesn't have much of a front row presence in most of that cast. So those types of characters where it's that oddity doesn't really... Somebody that you wouldn't make a main dish, but still is a great complement to the rest of the show.

Bobby Tichy: Was Kevin the one that spilled the chili?

Cole Fisher: Yes.

Bobby Tichy: That episode was great. The only person I can think of that was within the last ten years would be Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec.

Cole Fisher: That's a great character.

Bobby Tichy: It's like the George Costanza. The reason I love George Costanza is because he's so angry and miserable all the time and it's that way with Ron Swanson. There's no development of Ron Swanson. It's just this is the character and that's who he is for the run of the show.

Cole Fisher: And every line or every reaction from him is expected, but it's exquisitely accurate to what he is.

Bobby Tichy: That's so true. You have an idea of what he's going to say and yet every time the delivery is great. It's still hilarious.

Cole Fisher: Let's move on to Completely Unrelated. So, what are some of the worst colloquialisms: the worst overused terms, phrases, business idioms that just get drilled into the ground that you refuse to use or try not to use?

Bobby Tichy: Well, that's a great question, Cole. I think we should take this offline, see if there are any synergies that we could get from double clicking into this a little bit more.

Cole Fisher: Good point. crosstalk.

Bobby Tichy: I'm not going to lie. I'm not going to lie, it is what it is.

Cole Fisher: Those are my two big bugaboos. inaudible, " Well, it is what it is." I know it's what it is. That tells me nothing. That gives me no more information. Or the, " I'm not going to lie," I think it must have been like 15 years ago somebody popularized, " I'm not going to lie." And now, every time I hear it, I'll just like interject, " Wait, thanks for not lying." Should I assume if you don't preface with, " I'm not going to lie," that this is just a blatant... a boldface lie here?

Bobby Tichy: I think one of my favorites too, and I'm guilty of this, is repeating the answer someone just told me so that I can buy myself more time before I have to start talking again.

Cole Fisher: Well, how so?

Bobby Tichy: "Soyou're saying that the sky is blue?"

Nick: Well, I think one of the new ones that came out with the going fully digital is bio break. Does that fall into a colloquialism, Cole? I don't know, but I'm bothered by it.

Bobby Tichy: Biological break. I like that.

Cole Fisher: So PC.

Nick: I know what you're doing.

Bobby Tichy: I'm going to start saying that. How about," Give me five minutes, I've been on back to backs"?

Nick: Oh, no.

Bobby Tichy: You can just say like," Hey, give me five minutes," but they want you to know they've been on calls all day like," Guys, I'm real busy."

Cole Fisher: Most of the calls are probably like this one.

Bobby Tichy: Full of purpose and getting things done. Any other ones? Oh, parking lot's a good one.

Nick: I feel like that's one of your favorites though, Bobby, secretly. Like," This is too big of a topic, let's put it in the parking lot because I don't want to address it right now."

Bobby Tichy: Whenever I say that, I basically mean," Let's not talk about it ever again." That kind of a parking lot. I think the other one... Did we talk about this one, double click?

Nick: Oh, goodness.

Cole Fisher: The problem is, Nick, you say that all the time. You just crosstalk know.

Nick: But I always preface it with," I hate to say it, but let's double click on that."

Bobby Tichy: That makes it even worse because you're taking the time to outline you don't like this phrase and yet you're still saying the phrase.

Nick: I'm looking for other options if you guys have any.

Bobby Tichy: One thing recently that my wife pointed out to me, that I started saying a lot was," For lack of a better term."

Nick: You got to get it inaudible.

Bobby Tichy: Instead of just saying," Hey, this seems for lack of a better term, a little confusing." Why don't you just say this seems a little confusing?

Cole Fisher: Can everyone see my screen?

Bobby Tichy: Can you guys hear me okay? What are some other ones that have come up since COVID?

Nick: "Sorry, I was on mute," but that one's overdone.

Bobby Tichy: Oh, gosh, yeah. That's a good one. The virtual backgrounds have been interesting. I think at least half of them were beaches and then you say," Oh, I like your background. That's where I wish I was."

Nick: I have yet to see one of just flames in the background and somebody like," Yeah, I'm in hell right now." It'd be great. What we should do, is we should create one that's like your calendar and it just shows back to back meetings all day.

Cole Fisher: I was on one the other day and somebody had an actual background of the ocean inaudible, " Oh, is that a virtual background?" They're like, " No, no. I'm just at a condo on the beach." Everybody got really quiet and shameful because they traveled somewhere nice and we're all stuck in our offices at home.

Bobby Tichy: We hope you guys enjoyed the best of Completely Unrelated. Again, we don't know what the clips were, but I thought the second one was hilarious.

Cole Fisher: Third was my fave.

Bobby Tichy: The fourth one really brought back some memories for me. Had to bring out the Kleenex.

Cole Fisher: I feel like it's one of those Saved by the Bell episodes or you know like the 80s and 90s sitcoms where they're like," Man, we've had some good times on this show, check this out." And then they just show highlight clips and all they had was Zach Morris for the week to do a five minute intro and outro.

Bobby Tichy: I thought you were going to go a different direction with that where this episode of the podcast is immediately like a Saved by the Bell hit and people are just going to be referring to it for all time.

Cole Fisher: Do you ever want to get a hold of a Saved by the Bell resume? Because they were class president, captain of-

Bobby Tichy: Oh my gosh.

Cole Fisher: ...every single sports team. I don't know whether that-

Bobby Tichy: Wouldn't that have just been you?

Cole Fisher: ...crosstalk everything.

Bobby Tichy: From the guy who told me that he loved school, especially passing period.

Cole Fisher: Passing period was my favorite. I was in every club. I think I was inspired by Zach Morrison and AC Slater.

Bobby Tichy: I don't know how you couldn't be inspired by Zach Morris. I was more of Zach Morris guy. I mean, AC Slater, totally understand, but he's more of an athlete and I'm not. If we're going with roles here, I think you're AC Slater and I think I'm crosstalk.

Cole Fisher: I've seen your moves on the court... I don't know, man... B- balling. I've seen.

Bobby Tichy: The one basketball video of me bringing the ball to floor and falling down?

Cole Fisher: I know you can play basketball, but it's the only video I've ever seen on you and it's you dribbling and just falling over by yourself and no- one's around you.

Bobby Tichy: Oh, gosh. Well, I hate to end this on a somber note, this podcast, but we do have some sad news. Based on the unbelievable popularity of this podcast, the demand for Cole and I has really gone through the roof and we're in some contract negotiations right now with Lev, but we're not sure how it's going to end. Our contract is up on December 31st, so this might be the last podcast you hear from us. It's been a good time and I hope we get to continue it, but I don't know what's going to happen.

Cole Fisher: We're pulling a preseason Aaron Rodgers. NLB on strike. It's a real power move, but I think it's going to pay off.

Bobby Tichy: I think so it's too. My mom says I should know my worth and I don't know what that means, but apparently it means holding out for something.

Cole Fisher: My dad calls me worthless.

Bobby Tichy: I think we should hold out for the Randy Savage promotion. If we can get Randy Savage as a paid spokesman, I think that's all we would need. I think that would validate my entire life.

Cole Fisher: That could be a tall order. I'm not sure how feasible that's going to be.

Bobby Tichy: Is Randy Savage still alive?

Cole Fisher: No, he's not, Bobby.

Bobby Tichy: Boy, this podcast has really taken a left turn, or a right turn. I don't know which on, maybe a U- turn. All right. Thanks everybody. Enjoy your holiday season. As always, you can reach out to us at intheclouds and we'll see you in 2022, maybe.


The best of Completely Unrelated is back for the second year in a row! We have put together a compilation of the best moments from the "Completely Unrelated" segment (the portion of the podcast where hosts Bobby and Cole talk about things that are ... completely unrelated). Highlights include: