Marketing Cloud: June 2021 Release Updates

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This is a podcast episode titled, Marketing Cloud: June 2021 Release Updates. The summary for this episode is: <p>Hosts Bobby and Cole are joined by guest Nick Burggraf to breakdown the highlights from Salesforce's June 2021 Marketing Cloud updates. They discuss:</p><p><br></p><ul><li>Salesforce CDP Enhancements</li><li>Datorama Updates</li><li>Advertising Studio Enhancements</li><li>Einstein for Marketing Enhancements</li></ul><p><br></p>
💥 Salesforce CDP Updates
01:30 MIN
💥 Datorama Updates
02:18 MIN
💥 Snapchat Advertising Studio Integration
00:36 MIN
💥 Einstein for Marketing Enhancements
01:28 MIN

Speaker 1: Welcome to the In the Clouds podcast. In the Clouds is a Marketing Cloud podcast powered by Lev, the most influential marketing focused Salesforce consultancy in the world. Lev is customer experience obsessed and podcast host Bobby Tichy and Cole Fisher have partnered with some of the world's most well- known brands to help them master meaningful one- on- one connections with their customers. In this podcast, they'll combine strategy and deep technical expertise to share best practices, how tos and real life use cases and solutions for the world's top brands using Salesforce products today.

Cole Fisher: Hey everyone, and welcome to the In the Clouds podcast. This is Cole Fisher, with me as always Bobby Tichy and today we have Nick Burggraf as well. We're going to be going through the June release highlights. So Bobby, why don't you kick us off.

Bobby Tichy: Oh, I'm leaving. I didn't know Nick was going to join us.

Nick Burggraf: I'm out.

Bobby Tichy: In all seriousness crosstalk. In all seriousness though Nick, thank you very little for joining us today. A couple of quick crosstalk highlights. Oh yeah. Yeah. That's great. A couple of quick highlights around Salesforce CDP. So, Salesforce continues to build out their customer data platform offering. One of the big things that they're focusing on is data and the availability of it and also how quickly the cadence of getting it in there. So, one of the cool things that came out in June, which I know we're a little behind in releasing this, it's Cole's fault, is the sales service, marketing loyalty interaction studio data streams. So what that means is there's now a product I's connector into sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, loyalty cloud and interaction studio directly into CDP. So as you're starting to build out that data model and connect all these different pieces of data, those are productized connector. So you no longer need a middleware or any kind of integration mechanism other than CDP and those clouds themselves, which is a big value add. And then, the interaction studio is the one to really call out here because of all the different elements within interaction studio that are available within that data stream, which includes user data. So anything that you do on the site based on however you've built out and solution interactions, video, along with order, cart, catalog events as well. So a lot of rich data that'll be coming in from interaction studio specifically directly into CDP now.

Cole Fisher: I do take complete responsibility for our timing of this but, in my defense though, it feels like all these updates with CDP, interaction studio, inaudible there's so much going on, it all feels iterative. So, the June release just kind of feels, like kind of a random stop spot where they're like, oh, here's everything that's happened thus far and some of these are still being rolled out. So, I don't feel like we're that far behind, but I-

Bobby Tichy: Do you think if we did the next podcast, we just renamed it the July release highlights, it'd be about the same.

Cole Fisher: It'd be close. I mean, some of the Datorama CDP updates happened through July. So, I mean that could be legitimate. I don't know if Salesforce would agree, but necessarily. But a couple of updates in Datorama as well. So Datorama reports from Marketing Cloud Advanced. This is for email, mobile and Journey Builder and so there are new features available in Datorama reports, within a corporate and enterprise instances of Marketing Cloud. So you can access directly with drag and drop creation or updates to current dashboards in the Marketing Cloud UI and create custom KPIs there. And if you want to get really granular with the data on Eagle, mobile or Journeys, you can actually get into custom or prebuilt queries within the data lake itself. So on top of that, they've actually got four pre- built apps. One is for like sales cloud marketing insights and so this is paid marketing to Sales Cloud Connection. Then there's email to web conversions and I think that's with Google Analytics. I don't know if it's working with any other analytics platforms right now, I know it's working with Google Analytics. But it actually shows you in the actual dashboard itself, it shows you the funnel of conversion rate from the actual emails, webs and web landing and then conversion rate all the way through your GA data. So, that's pretty cool and then there's also audience insights for Ad Studio and then cross channel marketing insights, which is just for like paid campaigns across all the major channels. And then actually also with Datorama, they have a connector now with Salesforce CDP. So this is the out of the box app in Datorama that combined CDP and cross- channel data, basically to decrease time to reporting and insight. So it lives in the Datorama marketplace and you can actually authenticate directly into CDP from your Datorama instance. And once you do, there's three out of the box features that provide predefined insights for one demographics, two engagement levels and then three conversions. And then as well, you can also have the ability to use calculated insights already defined in CDP. But, this is something that like I said was June as well as the July release. So not all of it came out in June, so I feel like we're, timing wise, we're still pretty legitimate with this.

Bobby Tichy: I feel like that's all built on that multi-touch attribution model that they released a little bit earlier this year, too. Right Cole?

Cole Fisher: Well, a lot of it too is segmentation and how segments are converting with the efficiency for certain marketing campaigns, basically everything you wanted to do in Datorama right off the bat, but now directly as it relates to your data in CDP.

Bobby Tichy: So the way I see it, the whole list of June releases. If you kind of tie them all back, it's a lot of data integration and data layer stuff. A couple of the ones that I'm going to call out here, we already talked about this idea of Datorama insights with Advertising Studio, that's pretty brand new. But then there's this, talking about Ad Studio finally, drum roll, the Snapchat Advertising Studio integration is released. So this is something that's been talked about probably for about a year, wanting to get those ad channels integrated and then with Snapchat, it's takes time with all of these. So it's finally there, that brings up the full list to Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, am I missing any? I don't think so. So, kind of social studio, but not really, but just another year mark on this whole integration and data layer stuff. And then the last one, which is totally unrelated, in my opinion, is some updates to Einstein within Marketing Cloud and you can use a new module within it that is a performance tester for a subject lines. And this seems like, I mean, there's, these are a dime a dozen when you just go into subject line testing and getting feedback on a Google or whatever, but the value that this one brings that I think it's pretty cool actually, is that you're tapping into an entire data set on the back- end system of Salesforce. That is gigantic as far as what Einstein is doing is saying, hey, based on what we've seen other customers do in this black box, this is how we think the subject line you just provided us will perform based on your data and open rates over the course of time and what you've been doing in your own Marketing Cloud instance, but also tying back to this black box of thousands and thousands and millions and millions of other campaigns that have gone out that have subject lines that include these words and these words and it's algorithmic. So, I think that'll be something super fun for any company to start toying around with to see, okay, how smart is Einstein. If Einstein said it was a 19% open rate, was it actually where it's the plus or the minus on Einstein? Check it out.

Cole Fisher: Nick, are you on Snapchat?

Nick Burggraf: I used to be, I deleted it because, I think it got super spammy.

Bobby Tichy: Cole, are you big on the snapchats?

Cole Fisher: I am not on Snapchat.

Nick Burggraf: Bobby are you one it?

Bobby Tichy: No. I got on it for a little bit and then all I would watch was funny dog videos and next thing you know, I'd be on there for 45 minutes.

Cole Fisher: And then Nick got on, you're like I'm out of here.

Bobby Tichy: Yeah. I can't be associated with Nick. Is he still on this podcast?

Cole Fisher: No, no, no, he-

Nick Burggraf: I'm still here.

Cole Fisher: Oh, Hey Nick. Hey, let's move on to completely unrelated. So. What are some of the worst colloquialisms, the worst, overused terms, phrases, business idioms that just get drilled into the ground, that you refuse to use or try not to use?

Bobby Tichy: Well, that's a great question Cole, I think we should take this offline. See if there are any synergies that we could get from double- clicking into this a little bit more.

Cole Fisher: Good point.

Nick Burggraf: I'm not going to lie. It is what it is.

Cole Fisher: Those are my two big bugaboos. Well, it is what it is. Like I know it's what it is, that tells me nothing, that gives me no more information. Or the I'm not going to lie, I think it must've been like 15 years ago, somebody popularized I'm not going to lie. And now every time I hear it I'll just interject, hey, thanks for not lying. Should I assume if you don't preface with, I'm not going to lie that this is just a blatant, a bold faced lie here.

Bobby Tichy: I think one of my favorites too and I'm guilty of this is repeating the answer someone just told me so that I can buy myself more time before I have to start talking again.

Nick Burggraf: So you're saying that the sky is blue.

Bobby Tichy: Well, I think one of the new ones that came out with going fully digital is bio break.

Nick Burggraf: Does that fall into a colloquialism Cole?.

Bobby Tichy: I don't know, but I'm, I'm bothered by it. Biological break. I like that.

Cole Fisher: So PC.

Nick Burggraf: I know what you're crosstalk doing.

Bobby Tichy: How about give me five minutes, I've been on back to backs.

Nick Burggraf: Oh no.

Bobby Tichy: You can just say, hey, give me five minutes. But they want you to know they've been on calls all day. Guys I'm real busy.

Cole Fisher: Most of the calls were probably like this one.

Bobby Tichy: Full of purpose and getting things done. Any other ones? Parking lots a good one.

Nick Burggraf: I feel like that's one of your favorites though Bobby, secretly. This is too big of a topic, let's put it in the parking lot because I don't want to address it right now.

Bobby Tichy: Whenever I say that, I basically mean, let's not talk about it ever again.

Nick Burggraf: That kind of a parking lot. I think the other one, did we talk about this one? Double Click.

Bobby Tichy: Oh goodness.

Cole Fisher: The problem is Nick, you say that all the time. You just-

Nick Burggraf: But I always preface it with, I hate to say it but let's double click on that.

Bobby Tichy: That makes it even worse because you're taking the time to outline that you don't like this phrase and yet you're still saying the phrase.

Nick Burggraf: I'm looking for other options if you guys have any.

Bobby Tichy: One thing recently that my wife pointed out to me that I started saying a lot was for lack of a better term.

Nick Burggraf: You got to get a thesaurus.

Bobby Tichy: Instead of just saying, hey, this seems for lack of a better term, a little confusing. Why don't you just say this seems a little confusing.

Cole Fisher: Can everyone see my screen?

Nick Burggraf: Can you guys hear me okay? Oh, what are some other ones that have come up since COVID.

Bobby Tichy: Sorry I was on mute, that one's over done.

Nick Burggraf: Oh gosh. Yeah. That's a good one. The virtual backgrounds have been interesting. I think at least half of them were beaches. And then you say, oh, I like your background. That's where I wish I was.

Bobby Tichy: I have yet to see one of just flames in the background and somebody's like, yeah, I'm in hell right now. It'd be great. You know what we should do is we should create one that's just your calendar and it just shows back to back meetings all day.

Cole Fisher: I was on one the other day and somebody had an actual background of like the ocean or inaudible. Oh, is that a virtual backroom? They're like, no no, I'm just at a condo on the beach. Everybody got really quiet and shameful because they traveled somewhere nice and we're all stuck in our offices at home.

Bobby Tichy: Do you think this is the worst podcast we've done?

Cole Fisher: I feel like they're all tied. Bobby why don't you wrap it up for us.

Bobby Tichy: Thanks for listening to In the Clouds podcast, brought to you by Lev. You can always reach out to us at, In the Clouds at Levdigital. com. Thank you everybody for listening, we hope we've given you at least a little bit of content or entertainment. We'll talk at you soon.


Hosts Bobby and Cole are joined by guest Nick Burggraf to breakdown the highlights from Salesforce's June 2021 Marketing Cloud updates. They discuss:

  • Salesforce CDP Enhancements
  • Datorama Updates
  • Advertising Studio Enhancements
  • Einstein for Marketing Enhancements